newsItem3Concering the Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation of CHemicals (REACH) Delamine pre-registered its chemicals and is - in close cooperation with a consortium of other ethylene amine producers – aiming for definite registration in 2010.

REACH addresses the production and use of chemical substances and their potential impacts on both human health and the general environment.

Delamine’s Managing Director Gert van der Knaap: “We give customers the security that the supply of our materials will continue as before, in full compliance with the new regulations. We have already pre-registered and can assure you that we will register all our manufactured substances when required. Most likely, you will be approached either by Delamine or via the consortium in order to obtain the description of your particular use and exposure pattern.”

This new legislation requires all companies manufacturing or importing chemicals into the European Union -in quantities of thousand kilos or more per year- to register these chemicals at the new European Chemicals Agency in Helsinki. This agency also manages research and effect studies.  Unregistered supply to the European market from here on is illegal.

For specific information see our Reach Letter.

REACH applies to all chemicals imported or produced in the EU, in contrast to the US Toxic Substances Control Act (TOSCA) which only applies to chemicals newly coming into use.