Delamine donates Indian ambulance

newsItem2Since medical circumstances in India are poor Delamine decided to donate an ambulance. Jacko Moerdijk, Delamine’s Sales Manager, says this is a perfect example of how practical solutions, business intelligence and social responsibility can go together very well.

The ambulance is primarily used for "Mother and Child Health Care" in the region of Vadadora. The project is co-sponsored by the department of Health and Family Welfare of the Government of India. It covers 93 villages in the Vadadora area. Over 900 pregnant women were identified and treated by our team of doctors, who also offer education and advice on for instance nutrition and hygiene. At least now, if check ups for mothers or children are necessary, they can use immediate transportation…

Although the ambulance is mainly meant for pregnant women and babies, it is also used for 24/7 emergencies, hospital exchange transfers, support at medical camps and serves as a mobile clinic too.

Local delegate Atish Sanghvi: “Most of the people in this area are uneducated, they hardly have any knowledge on pregnancy matters. They mostly depend on the ‘old lady in the village’. In most cases the child’s delivery takes place in the mother’s own small home. Because of this, infant mortality rate is quite high. We’re making huge steps in educating a new, better informed generation. With this ambulance our motto ‘Reaching to the Unreached’ has a great foundation.”