Delamine’ strives to be a sustainable enterprise. Towards our customers, employees, shareholders and the environment in general. This is shown by the fact that health-, safety- and environmental (HSE) issues are an active part of Delamine’s business vision.

To start with, and most importantly, the safety and working conditions of our employees are our highest priority. Product stewardship is an essential element of our business policy. Last but not least we offer advice on safe storage to our customers. For example in minimizing energy use or emissions. This means taking initiative, and not stopping at the factory gates. For over 30 years we know our business and translate this into high quality processes and products.
Respect for a better living environment, and well-being in general (Responsible Care), harbour our continuity. Sustainability is in our nature. The legislation REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and restriction of Chemicals) brings us another step forward.

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