Bleach activators

TAED is a bleach activator in detergents. It enables the heavy duty powder detergents to be more effective at lower temperatures. TAED is prepared by reacting Ethylenediamine with Acetic Acid and Acetic Anhydride.

In the early nineties it was also applied in powders for automatic dish-washing machines. The function of TAED in bleaching systems is to bring about a release of the active oxygen releasing species – the peroxyacetic ion – which gives the bleaching effect at clearly lower temperatures (40-60°C) than would be possible when only sodium perborate were present.

Significant advantages of TAED as a bleach activator are:

  • good granulation properties
  • good storage stability of granules when coated
  • no odour, good flow characteristics
  • large degree of freedom in formulating the detergent powder
  • good compatibility with other detergent powder ingredients
  • no segregation in the detergent powder
  • no damage to dyes and fabrics
  • good biocidal activity even at 40°C



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