Corrosion inhibitors

The reaction of several ethylene amines with fatty acids produces amid amines and imidazolines, which are used as corrosion inhibitors in petroleum production operations, in secondary oil recovery and in anti-swelling agents.

The Polyamidoamine/Imidazoline end-products can be used as corrosion inhibitors for example in the secondary oil-recovery. Advantages over fatty amines reportedly are: greater thermal stability and better effectively as a corrosion inhibitor. Specific derivatives of these Polyamidoamine/Imidazolines can be used as (d)emulsifiers.

The phosphonates based on EDA (and DETA) are solid acid products. They act as corrosion inhibitors, particularly in combination with zinc ions.

The aqueous solutions of the Polyethyleneamines can be applied as anti-swelling agents in drilling mud. Because of the surface activity which is notable of the higher Ethylene amines, the clay particles absorb the amines and hence do not so readily absorb the water. The clay dispersions show less swelling when amines are used. The reduced viscosity of the drilling mud makes the pumping of the mud easier and stabilizes the shale and clay around the borehole.


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