Ethylenebisthicarbamates (EBCD’s) – that consist of Ethylenediamine (EDA), Carbonsulfide and Caustic Soda – are mainly used in protective fungicides, airblast, aerial applications, sprinkler irrigation and ground boom. They are highly effective against many foliage diseases, particularly the blights of potatoes and tomatoes, fruits, vegetables, cotton, wheat and rice.

The largest agricultural crop uses in the US are on apples, cucurbits (cucumbers, melons and squash), lettuce, onions, potatoes, small grains, sweet corn and tomatoes.

The consumption of fungicides apart from economic considerations depends on climatologically and weather conditions. Sometimes Triforine is applied as a locally systemic fungicide, amongst others effective against powdery mildew, scab and other diseases of fruit, berries, ornamentals, vegetables and cereals.



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