Industrial surfactants

Besides cationic surfactants, amphoteric surfactants can also be produced with ethylene amines. The cationic surfactant based on Ethyleneamine is converted into an amphoteric surfactant which is known for its mildness. They are used in coal water-slurries, metal working fluids and for water treatment.

Coal-water slurries (CWS) and coal-oil mixtures (COM) have been developed as promising alternatives to hydrocarbon fuels. Among the facilitating chemicals (defoamers, stabilizers, dispersants) especially the dispersing agent influences the handling and combustion characteristics.

Metal working fluids cluster a great variety of fluids for many different metal processing operations such as: cutting and drilling, but also many more. The fluids generally have to meet a great number of performance requirements, with on the one hand for example compatibility with paraffin oils, good cooling, lubrication, (high temperatures and extreme pressure) and on the other non corrosive, anti-scavenging and stability (non-foaming).

In water treatment surfactants are used for municipal (potable or waste water) or industrial purposes (cooling water, evaporators, boilers or waste water). Furthermore they are used in filtration, distillation, adsorption, flocculation, neutralizing and film-forming, dispersing and treatment with biocides. Also their good use is known as acid scavengers in the treatment of closed water circuits in refineries, cracker installations and water cooling plants.



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