Lube, oil and fuel additives

A major application area is the manufacturing of Lube Oil and Fuel Additives. Ash less dispersants in engine oils reduce the formation of sludge and deposits and neutralizes acidic combustion products. Fuel additives remove deposits in the fuel system (injectors, valves and combustion chambers).

The polyamino-amides/imides act as dispersants in lubricating oils and leave no ash upon burning. These ash less dispersants constitute a major part of the total additive package, which further consists of metal-containing detergents, viscosity-index improvers, anti-wear agents, antioxidants, corrosion inhibitors and other components. By varying types and quantities of the different additives and of the base oil, the properties of the lubricating oils for petrol and diesel engines can be adapted to the standard requirements.

A main function of ash less dispersants is to keep the sludge – resinous material formed out of partially oxidized petrol/oil components – dispersed in the lube-oil. Thus depositions on hot spots are largely prevented and cold-starts of the engine facilitated.



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