Pharmaceutical intermediates

Several pharmaceutical products use ethylene amines as raw materials in their production. For instance Piperazine Anhydrous is used for the production of antihelmintics, antibacterials and antibiotics. Several medical applications are known.

N-Methyl is an intermediate in the production of anti-worm agent and pharmaceuticals like antibiotics, tranquilizers and anti-histamines. PIP, N-MePIP, N-EtPIP, HEP are used in the manufacturing of a great variety of drugs such as Floxacins and Quinolones (anti-bacterials and antibiotics) and Phenothiazines (anti-psychotics). Last but not least PIP is an essential component of Viagra, while N-Amino-N’-Methylpiperazine is used for the production of Rifampicin (anti-tuberculosis).



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