Plastic Lubricants

Ethylenebistearamide (EBS) is mainly used in the production of ABS copolymers as a plastic lubricant. EBS is produced from Stearic Acid and Ethylenediamine (EDA).

Due to its nature EBS isused in numerous applications. The most important outlet is as an external lubricant/processing aid in the extrusion/injection moulding of ABS copolymers. The melt flow fluctuations are reduced and surface gloss is improved. It is also used in Polystyrene, PVC (pipe profiles wire and cable), as an anti-slip agent (during and after processing of PE, PP, PVC film), as a pigment dispersing agent, as an antifoam agent, as an emulsion breaker (in the paper/pulp making industry), as a lubricant or release agent in metal sintering,. as an additive to raise the melting point of waxes and wax-resin blends or as a softening point raiser of asphalt and it inhibits cold flow.



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