Urethane Chemicals

N-Aminoethylpiperazine and Piperazine Anhydrous are used in the manufacturing of polyols and catalysts for urethane systems. Applications are fibers and foams for automotive, sprays, building panels and elastomers.

Spandex fibers are processed and used in combination with other fibers. Elastic textile fabrics are made by weaving or knitting. End-uses of the Polyurethane elastic fibers are in:

  • suit-coat and pant fabrics
  • underwear
  • lingerie
  • swim-wear
  • hosiery
  • high performance active sportswear.

The polyols are predominantly applied in the manufacturing of PU foams. Cured PU moulding resins have a good strength-weight ratio, very good mechanical properties, such as high elongation at break, high-impact resistance, as well as excellent electrical properties. Applications are in construction panels, impregnation of electrical components and glass-fiber reinforced articles (ski’s).



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